The TRL Annual Research Review 2012 contains a summary of the year’s activities and achievements. It includes an overview of TRL’s main research and consultancy highlights and a comprehensive listing of the reports and papers published in 2012. Included in this year’s Review is a section devoted to the fundamental research that TRL is undertaking, which is primarily aimed at developing the core skills, knowledge and processes that TRL anticipates will be needed in the future. This research work is pursued through both internal and external funding. Some selected full papers are also included as follows: Landslide risk: some issues that determine societal acceptance Mike Winter and Edward Bromhead Spotting the signs: situation awareness at level crossings Dan Basacik, Stephanie Cynk and Toni Flint Three-dimensional characterisation of surface texture for road stones undergoing simulated traffic wear Alan Dunford, Tony Parry, Philip Shipway and Helen Viner Translating the nudge agenda into improved transport safety Andrew Parkes

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