The TRL Annual Research Review 2013 contains a summary of the year’s activities and achievements. It concentrates on key research themes, many of which are multi-disciplinary, highlighting relevant work that TRL has been engaged in over the year, illustrated by a fuller description of some of the projects involved. We also highlight just a few of our scientific achievements, noting awards, presentations, citations, memberships of influential technical committees and interactions and collaborations with the university sector. As in previous years the Review includes a section detailing some of the work we are doing that we are either funding internally or with support from our parent body, the Transport Research Foundation (TRF). Under this heading the Review also contains a description of some of the more fundamental research undertaken with support from the European Commission, the UK Research Councils, the Qatar National Research Fund and others, and highlights the work undertaken by staff currently studying for higher degree qualifications. A full list of reports and papers published during the year, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our interests, completes the Review.

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