One of the key objectives of the national Traffic Signs Policy Review is to minimise the impact of traffic signs on the local streetscape. The Policy Review Action Plan has identified guidance for local authorities on reducing sign clutter as a requirement. Currently there is no single source combining all of the available guidance for local highway authorities (LHAs) regarding collecting information on, reviewing and auditing the number of traffic signs, with a view to removing those which are unnecessary and contribute to sign clutter, and reducing the environmental impact of those that remain.
The Action Plan requires practical, simple to use guidance to be available for LHAs in the form of a Traffic Advisory Leaflet (TAL). This guidance will be used by LHAs to collect baseline information on the traffic signs in their area, and provide a framework for regular auditing to take place. The information and findings contained within this document will form the basis of the TAL, which is to be subsequently produced by the Department for Transport (DfT).

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