The findings of a review of protective coatings for reinforced earth and culvert structures are described in this report. The report contains the collection and review of published material on the subject, the investigation of possible alternative factory and site coatings, the testing of these coating systems, and recommendations of procedures for coating assessment and coating systems worthy of consideration. Sections are provided on: a) the durability of i) reinforced earth, and ii) culverts; b) zinc and aluminium based coatings; (hot-dip galvanising, thermal spray coatings, metallic zinc coatings, comparison of Aluzinc with galvanised and aluminium coatings, topcoating of galvanising, organic zinc rich paints, inorganic zinc rich paints, topcoating of zinc rich primers); c) organic coatings (bitumens and coal tar products, polyvinylchloride, liquid and powdered epoxies, liquid polyurethanes); d) tests and test methods to ascertain the physical and chemical properties of coatings to ensure that the product conforms to a predetermined standard; e) physical properties of coatings; f) cathodic protection; and g) summary and recommendations.

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