This report summarized the findings of the monitoring project, carried out in West Clwyd and North Powys, to identify and evaluate changes in public transport services resulting from the 1985 Transport Act. The study took place between October 1985 and January 1988, giving a full year both before deregulation and within the completely deregulated framework. Descriptions are provided of: a) the network both before and after deregulation; b) the geographical impact of deregulation; c) operators attitudes and responses to deregulation; d) the roles and responses of the county councils; and e) passenger perspectives on deregulation (fares, district level concessionary schemes, publicity, level of service, reliability, and patronage). It was found that changes over the first year of full deregulation were small. Crosville Wales' dominance was little challenged, though more private operators gained a fingerhold in the market. Apart from the north coast, services were little altered, with no places losing services entirely, but equally with very few gains apparent. Central and local government subsidy remained crucial for the maintenance of rural bus services. For the abstract of the interim report see IRRD 811556.

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