This report studied the effects of deregulation upon bus services in West Glamorgan between September 1985 and January 1988. It was found that vehicle mileage on the network as a whole increased by about 20%. Much of this was due to the introduction of a high frequency minibus service on several routes. Service frequencies on urban routes generally increased, while those on rural routes or inter urban routes decreased. Fares fell on competitive routes, but increased elsewhere. Competition only arose on a limited number of routes and was not sustained. Independent companies succeeded in winning only a relatively small number of the tendered routes. South Wales Transport (SWT) gradually re-established its dominance over the network, and brought its operating costs down in order to do so. Expenditure by local authorities was reduced, but it was not possible to say how much of this resulted from the new legislation. Patronage increased slightly, although there were differences between profitable and non profitable routes. Integration deteriorated slightly, especially with respect to long distance services from Swansea to some areas at the periphery of the county. Widespread safety problems did not arise. It was concluded that competition on commercial routes was limited or short lived and because of this many of the anticipated effects of deregulation did not arise. For the abstract of the interim report see IRRD 811564.

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