This report described the effects of the 1985 Transport Act upon public transport provision in a rural area covering the Western half of Wiltshire. Information was provided on the following: a) the transport network both before and after deregulation; b) the administrative aspects of deregulation (tendering, information and publicity, bus stops and stations, and reliability and policing); c) expenditure and passenger demand (local authority expenditure, fares, demand, and operating costs). The following conclusions were drawn: 1) direct competition between commercial services occured only rarely; 2) there was a high degree of competition for contracted services; 3) there were improvements in both the commercial and the subsidized services in terms of frequency and coverage; 4) fares remained constant; 5) through ticketing, co-ordination and concessionary fares were not affected by deregulation; 6) timetable information was less comprehensive, as individual leaflets replaced the single timetable booklet; 7) innovative transport schemes were limited to a increase in minibus use; and 8) some savings were made by Wiltshire County council, but changes in operating costs varied between operators. Due to the stabilization of the services, the absence of serious difficulties with coordination and ticketing, and the ability to buy back services within the revenue support budget, additional services could be provided. For the covering abstract of the interim report see IRRD 811561.

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