This report describes a postal survey whose objective was to assess passenger opinions about deregulation in the non metropolitan counties of England and Wales. The samples of households sent the questionnaire consisted of 74,125 randomly selected addresses taken from the small users post office address file (PAF). There were 54 areas to be surveyed, which included 8 study areas. 1075 addresses were randomly selected from each of the English and Welsh counties, and 3067 addresses randomly selected from each of the study areas. The forms were mailed between 22 February 1988 and 7 March 1988, with a reminder sent to non respondents between 8-24 March 1988. A total of 21801 usable responses were received. Respondents were asked questions about: a) frequency of bus use; b) their opinions of the bus service; c) whether they had noticed any changes in the service since deregulation and if so, what; and d) how they had been affected by any changes. Their opinions on the service since deregulation in terms of frequency, choices of places visited, and reliability were also requested. Respondents socioeconomic details such as age, sex, occupation, social class and vehicle ownership were also recorded. The results of the survey showed how the opinion of the respondents differed according to county or study area. Areas were listed according to the level of bus service provided.

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