This report describes a longitudinal study that looked at the effects of a headway reduction from 30 to 60 minutes, and the loss of evening and sunday services for a bus route serving the Littlemore area of Oxford. The data consisted of a week long travel diary and associated questionnaire administrated to about 150 people before, shortly after, and one year after the change in service level. The report analyses the data collected, with an emphasis on following the behaviour of each individual, rather than looking at the overall effects of the sample. Section 2 details the data available, while section 3 looks at the characteristics of the sample, and the changes that occurred during the survey period. It also summarises relevant findings of an in-depth interview survey carried out in the area at the same time. The main analysis of data is presented in sections 4 and 5, which examine service elasticities, general travel patterns, and more detailed aspects of travel. Section 6 discusses th main findings of the previous sections, and section 7 lists the advantages of the method used.

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