This report presents data obtained from field studies carried out by Mott Hay and Anderson on behalf of the Department of Transport in 1986 and 1987 to measure the vehicle pollutant levels in the Dartford, Rotherhithe and Tyne Tunnels. These results are compared with estimated levels, determined using the method developed by the Permanent International Association of Roads (PIARC) Congress in 1979 (see IRRD no 258056), and the later revised method developed in 1983, (see IRRD no 278403). The field studies were carried out to determine the applicability of the revised method to the United Kingdom, as much of the data for the PIARC revised method was obtained from observations in road tunnels in Switzerland and Austria. Following initial tests in the Dartford Tunnel, the Rotherhithe Tunnel was chosen for the first series of experiments. Preliminary tests were commenced in August 1986 and the main definitive tests took place in December 1986. These tests were limited to carbon monoxide emission only. A second series on experiments was carried out in the Tyne Tunnel in October 1987, which included both carbon monoxide and smoke emission measurements. On the basis of the results obtained from these tests, the conclusion drawn was that the PIARC '79 method should continue to be utilized for predicting the vehicle emission rate.

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