This report describes the results of an investigation of the properties, performance and specification of soil stabilized with lime and/or cement for the construction of capping layers. It opens with a review of the general properties of lime- and cement-stabilized soils and of the principal factors affecting their strength and durability. It then goes on to consider the specifications in use throughout the world for stabilized soils in road construction with particular reference to their use for capping layers. A detailed examination is then made of British road schemes where stabilized soil capping layers have been used. This examination shows that stabilized capping layers provide an acceptable alternative to granular capping materials. The use of stabilized capping layers is environmentally beneficial and in areas where granular materials are not readily available they also have economic advantages. Moisture content control and the presence of sulphates were found to be the major problems in their use. The report concludes with an appraisal of the current British specifications for stabilized capping layers and makes recommendations for improvements to them.

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