This report is based on a catalogue of minibus services in Great Britain, operating as local buses as defined by the Transport Act 1985. The catalogue starts from 1984 and runs to December 1988. 1984 was chosen as the start year, as in February 1984, the first major deployment of minibuses occurred in Exeter, replacing conventional full sized buses on intensive urban operation. The success of the Exeter experiment in attracting a sufficient increase in ridership, resulted in a great increase in the deployment of minibuses. This report details the growth in minibus deployment. Figures are given for the numbers of minibuses in operation on a county basis at the end of each calendar year from 1984 to 1988. The cumulative total number of vehicles in operation is given for each month over this period, broken down by groups of vehicle types. For related work see IRRD 830331, 830332 and 830333.

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