In this report the findings of market research carried out to explore the reasons for an unsuccessful experimental shared taxi scheme at Ipswich railway station are described. The main aims of the report were: (a) to explore the degree to which potential passengers were aware of the scheme; and (b) to find their reasons for not using it. The structure of the report is described in chapter two. In chapter three details are given of the observation and count study and of the interception interviews at the station. Chapter four presents the findings of the 92 in-depth interviews subsequently carried out. The overall conclusions presented were: (i) that the scheme had been too passively presented; (ii) in Ipswich, taxis were not seen to be too expensive, or in sufficiently short supply for users to become motivated to share them; (iii) the local publicity only reached a proportion of the the people leaving the station who might be candidates for taxi sharing; (iv) the scheme was of limited interest because of operating for one location only; and (v) publicity alone would not make the scheme successful, taxi drivers themselves needed to promote the scheme. For related work see IRRD no 821332.

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