The Transport and Road Research Laboratory is planning a study to identify causes of pedestrian road crossing accidents in urban non-residential areas and to suggest possible ameliorative measures. As a prelude to the Main Study, the Pilot Study described in this report has been carried out to determine the most cost-effective way of collecting the necessary data. In this Pilot Study, data relating to 80 accidents were collected. The accidents studied occurred in urban non-residential areas at locations having a wide variety of crossing facilities, from no special provision at one extreme to light-controlled crossings at another, both near to and away from junctions. Six methods of obtaining the data were investigated: basic police accident reports; police accident reports plus scene examinations; police accident reports plus self-completion questionnaires; police accident reports plus questionnaires administered by interviewers; police accident reports plus scene examinations and self-completion questionnaires; and police accident reports plus scene examinations and interviews. The most cost-effective method was found to be collecting the accident data from the police, conducting a scene examination, and sending a questionnaire to the persons involved for them to complete and post back to the study team. (A)

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