This report forms part of a programme of work by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory intended to develop methods for assessing the load carrying capacity of structural elements affected by the alkali silica reaction (ASR) in concrete. The report covers three main areas: (1) the estimation of expansion of concrete due to ASR; (2) the effect of ASR on concrete properties; and (3) the method of assessing the load carrying capacity of ASR affected structures. The proposed structural assessment method comprises three main stages, and is discussed in detail in the report: (a) estimation of in-situ expansions and consequent induced stresses; (b) determination of strength properties of in-situ expanded concrete; and (c) evaluation of structural capacity using the total stress condition and modified concrete properties. The report does not deal with local spalling due to ASR or corrosion induced damage that may have been exacerbated by ASR.

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