Bradford is one of five cities and towns involved in the Urban Safety Project, led by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) to demonstrate the effects on accidents and traffic patterns of combining a range of low-cost engineering measures on an area-wide basis. The area of Bradford in which the scheme was implemented is situated to the south west of the city centre, containing a population of some 33000 people in around 12000 households, of which 65% have access to a car. It is mainly residential with a mixture of private and local authority housing. The scheme consisted of a package of countermeasures that had been designed to achieve a safety strategy that had been formulated for the area. This strategy had been developed according to an analysis of the safety problems and was then modified in the course of extensive public consultation. The major feature of the strategy was the improvement of the main roads, particularly at their junctions with each other, to encourage most through traffic to use the arterial network in preference to local distributors and residential access roads. On one particular road with high traffic volumes, several measures were introduced to prevent its use by through traffic. Before the introduction of the scheme, 110 injury accidents a year were reported. After two years, the number of these accidents averaged 95 a year. This is not statistically significant but there were significant reductions in those accidents occurring in day-light and in those in which the level of injury was slight. Most of the measures were designed to reduce vehicle conflicts and it is accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles that have benefitted most from a greater level of safety. Although numbers of pedestrian accidents remained about the same in total, there were less involving children. This report briefly describes the design and implementation of the scheme and the process of public consultation. Its main emphasis is the changes in traffic and accident pattern and the overall effectiveness of the Bradford scheme.

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