A survey was carried out amongst 600 motorcyclists by Sample Surveys Ltd between 9th and 14th October 1989. A number of questions were placed on the survey by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory covering training and safety issues. One hundred sampling points were selected, spread thoughout the UK. At each point, 6 interviews were conducted using a structured questionnaire, a copy of which is included as an appendix. The sample was quota controlled by engine size of motorcycle, and information is given on the age, sex and riding experience of the motorcyclists. Results from the research include: (1) the majority of those surveyed believed that the current (October 1989) two part exam is a fair test of road riding skills, but 75% favoured the recently introduced road test format involving the examiner accompanying the candidate on another machine; (2) 85% of motorcyclists felt all should undertake some training; (3) 79% of motorcyclists were not in favour of learner riders carrying passengers; (4) approximately a half of the sample would not use leg protectors; and (5) 36% of riders reported wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing, and 59% expressed the view that all riders should do so.

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