Between February 1988 and February 1989, a series of field trials were held at Wylye, Wiltshire to evaluate the effectiveness of a weigh-in-motion (WIM) system in assisting Traffic Examiners and other enforcement staff to enforce vehicle weight regulations. Four different strategies for selecting vehicles for enforcement check-weighing were evaluated. The stability of the WIM system under operating conditions was also investigated and operational data, for use in planning future check-weighing systems and operations, were collected. The results of the study show that the use of the WIM equipment during enforcement sessions at Wylye increased the selection efficiency achieved at this site. On average, fewer vehicles needed to be stopped when the WIM equipment was used than during normal enforcement sessions, and a higher proportion of vehicles which were directed for weighing on the enforcement scale were found to be overloaded. The highest selection efficiency was achieved when a closed-circuit camera system was used in conjunction with the WIM equipment. (A)

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