On March 1, May 24, July 26 and October 12, 1988 random samples of 177, 196, and 233 goods vehicles respectively (over 3.5 tonnes maximum permitted (plated) gross vehicle weight) were selected from the eastbound carriageway of the A303 at Wylye in Wiltshire. During the march and May surveys, each vehicle was weighed and measured. During the July and October surveys the vehicles were only weighed. This report summarises the data collected and assesses the extent and effects of overloading. During the surveys, it was found that 7.1% of the vehicles had gross weights greater than the maximum permitted weight and a further 8.8% did not exceed the gross weight limits but had overloaded axles, bogies, tractors or trailers. Although overloaded vehicles contributed 46% of the road wear, the removal or redistribution of the excess weight would only have reduced road wear by some 2.6%.

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