In this report a project to investigate the feasibility of detecting both moving and static vehicles using optical fibre sensing systems embedded in the roadway is described. The project was undertaken by Liverpool University with the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL). Two systems which are commercially available for purposes other than vehicle detection were used. The reason for investigating the possibilities of optical fibre methods was to examine their potential for overcoming deficiencies with existing road embedded systems which rely upon electromagnetic, capacitive and pneumatic effects. The improvements being sought were in sensor lifetime, reliability, reduced servicing and ease of installation. Another objective of the project was to investigate the potential of the two systems for vehicle weighing both statically and dynamically. The report provides an insight into the operation of the Herga and Pilkington systems. Results are given regarding the performance, stability, sensitivity and temperature susceptibility of the two systems. The first section of the report deals with the principles of operation of the two systems provided. The next sections deal with the experiments performed to investigate the performance of the systems for monitoring axle presence and their weighing potentials. Conclusions are drawn from the results and an indication of future work needed is given.

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