In this report the results of a survey that obtained standard Likert scale rating scores for the perceived "effectiveness" and "favourability" of 40 possible future road accident countermeasures are presented. The work was carried out under contract by NOP Market Research Ltd, on behalf of the Road Safety Division of the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL). A postal survey was conducted using 1,200 individuals sampled from electoral registers and achieved a response rate of 66 per cent. Information was also collected on the age, gender and social grouping of respondents, as well as what type of road user they were. Seventy-five per cent of respondents held a driving licence of some sort. Measures studied included: increasing or decreasing speed limits, low cost traffic 'calming' engineering treatments, police enforcement strategies, driver and rider training, testing and licencing, drink-drive initiatives, measures aimed at making vehicles safer, and more general measures, such as providing additional subsidies for public transport and building more bypasses. A copy of the questionnaire is included as an appendix.

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