In this report, the results of a project in the third of a series of studies that Social and Community Planning Research has carried out for the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) on the subject of adaption to traffic nuisance are presented. This report presents the results of surveys at Leicester and Worksop, where there was an increase in traffic flow, (due to new road construction) and three rounds of interviews thereafter. After an initial examination of the characteristics of the sample interviewed, the principal analysis is restricted to 76 respondents in Leicester and 66 in Worksop who completed all three interviews. Results are presented in percentage form or by means of the various scales used. Detail on method is given in Appendix B. Information was obtained on: perceived changes in traffic flow; perceived levels of noise from traffic; indications of bother, nuisance and disturbance; changes over time in local pedestrian journeys; visual intrusion. The fourth report dealing with adaption to decreases in traffic exposure is published as Contractor Report CR 246. Earlier work by Hedges (1983) and Hedges and Morrissey (1986) was published by Social and Community Planning Research.

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