The Mobility Advice and Vehicle Information Service (MAVIS) is a Centre that provides advice to disabled car drivers and passengers on all aspects of the selection and purchase of cars, assessment of a person's likely ability to drive and advice on drive training. It is run by the Department of Transport and is located at the Transport and Road Research Laboratory at Crowthorne, Berkshire. This report describes how the work of MAVIS was monitored from the time it started in December 1985 to March 1990. The method used involved questionnaires sent to clients, which elicited their views on how useful they found the service, what criticisms they had of it, and what they had done about learning or relearning to drive and buying a car since their visit. A proportion of the clients were subsequently interviewed and asked about any benefits they had experienced since their visit. The conclusions from the study are that MAVIS is providing a valuable and effective service. It now assesses and advises over 350 people a year on driving or buying a car and it provides information on a wide range of matters affecting mobility to some 5000 disabled people each year. There was an overwhelmingly favourable response from clients to the services given, and the interviews disclosed substantial benefits deriving from the improved mobility enjoyed by clients after their visit to MAVIS.

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