The objectives of the test are as follows: a) to determine the displacements of the structure with incremental loading applied across the width of the bridge at 1/3 span; b) to determine the maximum load which the structure would withstand under this condition; c) to determine the mode of failure and the influence of defects on the behaviour of the arch; d) to assess the possible values of acoustic emission signals in deducing the response of the structure; e) to measure, in so far as possible, the soil pressure developed between the masonry and fill as the load is applied; and f) to compare the maximum load and observed behaviour with the results of calculations. The following methods of analysis are used: M.E.X.E. method; Mechanism method; and funicular polygon method. Details are given of the bridge, test methods and results, and of the comparison between the test results and those obtained by calculation. No meaningful results have been obtained from the application of the Mechanism method and both the other two methods predict lower collapse loads than the actual collapse load.

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