TRRL is undertaking research to examine the various repair and strengthening techniques applicable to masonry arch road bridges to enable the Scottish Office and the Department of Transport to improve on the advice given on the assessment of highway bridges and structures for load carrying capacity in Technical Memorandum SB3/84 and Advice Note BA 16/84 respectively. The report studies a variety of techniques, provides cost comparisons and discusses the associated advantages and disadvantages. It describes effectiveness in terms of observed defects. The information was provided by Country and Regional Councils throughout England, Scotland and Wales and by other relevant authorities in the form of case histories returned in response to a postal enquiry. A total of 180 examples were supplied from which a shortlist of 50 case histories was studied and details are included in the associated dossier. These bridges were inspected during the study and defects recorded in terms of an arbitrary severity rating system. These notes, together with substantial comments and opinions of the contributing authorities form the basis of the report. The cost assessment attempts to relate simple combinations of bridge dimensions to reported overall costs. Factors affecting cost are discussed. For the sake of comparison repair and strengthening techniques have been grouped as relating to the arch ring, the foundations and the spandrel walls, although most remedial works involve consideration of all three.

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