In this report the findings of a study into the population of accidents involving forward control vehicles (FCV) in 1986 in England and Wales are presented. The work is based on the files collected routinely by the police, augmented by post mortem reports generated by pathologists for the purposes of Coroner's inquests. The study was undertaken to provide information on the nature of this group of accidents that had hitherto been poorly understood. Information is provided in this report on how the accidents were selected and coded, and results of the detailed analyses are given. A database was established for all classes of road user involved, which contains information on 220 fatalities. Factors relating to both primary and secondary safety are coded. Findings are presented on the accidents that have killed the occupants of FCV vehicles, killed pedestrians, motorcyclists pedal cyclists, and car occupants in accidents involving FCV. The study demonstrates that much valuable data is available on fatal accidents as a result of existing activities by police and pathologists, which is at present under utilized.

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