In many developing countries surface dressing is used as a running surface on new low-cost roads as well as a maintenance treatment for existing roads. These countries are usually characterised by combinations of road surface condition, traffic, climate, and materials, that are not found in Britain and that are not favourable for good surface dressing. In such cases the recommendations for road surface dressing given in Road Note 39 which is intended for use in Britain, are not applicable. Jackson (1963) has proposed a method of surface dressing design based partly upon ideas put forward by Hanson (1935). This method was used to design a total length of 27 km of experimental sections of surface dressing in Kenya during 1975-77. This report describes the construction, monitoring and performance of the sections during the first 3-4 years trafficking. It is concluded that Jackson's design method works satisfactorily in Kenya conditions over the range of chipping size used in these trials, namely 5 mm to 13 mm average least dimension. (A)

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