It is estimated that about 450 Dykes Act lorry controls were in operation in Great Britain at the end of 1981. A sample of 23 of these has been studied. The control areas varied from short lengths of road to a zone of 52 sq km. Most of the controls are intended to remove through vehicles. Compliance rates of around 75 per cent have been achieved. Though it has not been possible to compare the nuisance caused by the diverting vehicles on their old and new routes it is clear that the new routes are generally of a higher traffic standard and, therefore, less sensitive environmentally. The total extra costs to operators of individual controls range from zero to 780,000 (average 55,000). For all Dykes Act controls in Great Britain the annual extra costs total about 25M (December 1981). Ascribing these extra costs to the dwellings enjoying a reduction in passing lorry traffic would result in charges ranging from zero to 500 (average 90). The extent of prior assessment of controls by local authorities tends to be extensive only in the cases of the largest controls. (A)

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