This report discusses the relationship between household travel patterns and the longer term process of changing residential location among council tenants in Great Britain. The social and travel characteristics of council tenants are compared with those of home owning households and accessibility to facilities on council estates is compared with that of privately owned housing at similar residential densities. The procedures by which council tenants change residence are outlined. Four main issues are discussed: firstly, the importance of poor accessibility in motivating council tenants to move residences and what journey purposes are the most sensitive. Secondly, the pattern of residential moves made and the influence of different journey purposes on area selection. Thirdly, the extent to which council tenants can choose a new residential location, the effect of local authority residential mobility policies on council tenants' moves and the importance local authorities attach to accessibility factors in relocating tenants. Lastly, the report discusses the effects of council tenants' limited choice of home location on their satisfaction with different aspects of their travel pattern subsequent to moving residence. (A)

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