this experiment was carried out to measure the effect of a transport and road research laboratory leaflet on the wearing of reflective and fluorescent clothing by children. results showed that: 91% of the children who had been given a leaflet at school took the leaflet home and 88% of the parents interviewed who had received a leaflet, had read all, or some of it. this method of distribution is thus highly effective in getting information to parents. in the period immediately after distributing the leaflet the percentage of parents who had bought armbands or similar garments rose from 27% to 29% and within 3 months there- after to 32%. there was an increase of 4% in the wearing of reflective and fluorescent garments by the children. although these increases are quite small, they should be viewed against the known difficulties in inducing such changes in behaviour. regarding the design of the leaflet more than half found it attractive, the majority of parents claimed to find it fairly easy to understand, but despite prior evidence that the differences between reflective and fluorescent materials are very poorly understood, very few considered that it told them anything new. (a)

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