a survey of road surface reflection characteristics has been carried out to assess the practicability of classification of road surfaces in relation to design of street lighting installations,and to assess the conformity of lighting installations designed to the british code of practice to international recommendations now under consideration.the first part of the survey comprised a review of past measurements of reflection characteristics (on dry roads) for different surfaces.this was followed by measurements of luminance and reflection characteristics for a wide range of surfaces and lighting installations in different areas of the country.it was concluded that the wide range of values of reflection characteristics measured on different surfaces,with different textures,and at different times of year preclude the use of this kind of information as a basis for design of street lighting installations,even when considering the relatively simple problem of dry roads. results showed that installations designed to the present code satisfactorily meet the proposed international recommendations as regards levels and uniformity of luminance.it was also apparent that there is an urgent need to investigate further the problem of reflection characteristics of wet roads,with a view to formulating recommendations for surface tuxture requirements to improve the uniformity of luminance.(a)

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