the friction and deformation of a number of ptfe based materials have been studied in relation to their application to sliding bearings for bridges and viaducts.laboratory measurements have been made to determine the influence of bearing stress,interface temperature,sliding speed,surface finish and lubrication on the behaviour and long term performance of bearings.the results are discussed in terms of the friction mechanisms of polymers.surface wear and the influence of the transfer of ptfe to the sliding surface are considered in relation to the long term characteristics of ptfe bearing limits are discussed on the basis that dry running conditions will exist in the long- term,regardless of the initial surface treatment.under these conditions,it is concluded that the coefficient of friction will lie within the range o.03 to 0.07 for most practical applications.however,the need for caution in the interpretation of data from laboratory tests is apparent where conditions applying to sliding bearings in service cannot be simulated precisely.developments in the design and application of sliding bearings are considered.(a)

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