accidents reported on 152 km of the m1 and m4 motorways during the years 1968,1969 and 1970 have been investigated with regard to the incidence of burst tyres immediately prior to the accidents.of the 1910 personal injury accidents reported in this period 16 per cent were preceded by one of the vehicles involved sustaining a burst tyre.a similar result was found in an earlier study of accidents on the m1. although the numbers of burst tyres were greatest for cars, the relative frequency for any type of vehicle was highest for motor cycles and motor scooters;36 per cent of all two wheeled vehicles incurring a burst tyre prior to accident involvement.for private motor cars and light goods vehicles combined the figure was 10 per cent and for heavy goods vehicles 3 per cent.on m1 alone 18 per cent of personal injury accidents were preceded by a burst tyre while for m4 the figure was 13 per cent.(a)

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