a self-contained model building and storage managements system written entirely in fortraniv (at ibm g level) is described. the objectives of this system are: 1. to provide variably dimensioned arrays, specified at run time. 2. to provide dynamic reallocation of storage to allow the user to work in a large virtual core. 3. to provide archiving, checkpointing, and restart procedures. 4. to allow variable data-specified 'programs' of sequential, conditional, and looped sequences of subroutines selected from a set of fortran sub-routines provided by the user. 5. to operate as a control system, and not interpretively. 6. to reduce the model designer's task to the specification and use of a series of simple operations. 7. to help in the management of model building work. these objectives have been satisfied by a system known as mist*2 with a minimum of machine dependence, and mist*2 models have been run successfully under both icl system 4 and ibm 360 fortran compilers. this report is intended both as a users' guide and a users' manual for the system, and includes full grogram listings.

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