the use of calcined bauxite in road surfaces is known to give unusually good and lasting resistance to skidding, but its use has been largely restricted to the application of small-sized aggregate in association with a non-therm- oplastic binder (epoxy resin). details are reported of trial sections of slurry seals containing calcined- bauxite aggregate laid on trunk road a1 at gonerby, grantham, lincolnshire, in august 1968 with the object of ascertaining whether a material of this type could provide and maintain high values of resistance to skidding on a site subject to braking and turning traffic. it is concluded that the process offers a rapid method of restoring resistance to skidding on sites carrying mainly passenger car traffic braking from high speeds. under these conditions, a life of at least three years is considered possible. the cost of such treatment would be approximately one-sixth of that of a bauxite/resin dressing. further experience with the technique is required to establish specifications for other traffic patterns. (a)

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