total lead pollution in the atmosphere has been measured at four sites, two at fuel stations on heavily trafficked roads, one in an urban road tunnel and one on a busy rural motorway. the values for both the particulate and the volatile lead compounds are reported. the contribuion of the volatile materials to the total lead pollution has been found to be significant, comprising approximately 55 and 30 per cent of the approximately 2 micro g/cu.m total at the filling stations and approximately 10 per cent of the 15 micro g/cu.m and 10 micro g/cu.m average totals at the tunnel and the motorway respectively. considerable variations were found in the data obtained at the tunnel and the motorway site. the average concentration of the volatile lead compounds found at the four sites was approximately 1 micro g/cu.m, and the highest single value of 3.57 micro g/cu.m was obtained at the heavily trafficked motorway site. (a).

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