various aspects and effects of freight operations have been studied in high street, putney with the object of providing an estimate of their total impact on people in the street. the following activities were undertaken - (i) collection of data on goods deliveries, etc, from shop managers. (ii) direct observation of traffic and freight operations by observers at street level. (iii) time-lapse photography from roof tops - the films being subject to detailed scrutiny later in the laboratory. (iv) measurement of of noise on the footway. (v) surveys of attitudes of pedestrians and residents. it was found that (a) whilst noise is clearly a matter of concern to both pedestrians and residents, the types of vehicles most commonly used for deliveries in the high street (under 10 t g v w ) were not amongst the major offenders, which were heavier commercial vehicles and buses. (b) the cost of delays caused to other traffic by commercial vehicles delivering in the street or turning into or out of side roads before or after making deliveries at rear or side accesses was minute compared with the value of the goods delivered, and so with the value of their presence to people in the street. (a).

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