this report summarises the new information contained in the papers presented at the third international conference on the structural design of asphalt pavements held in london in september 1972, and considers its implications on the trrl research programme. the conference was sub-divided into eight main sessions having the following themes:- session i - factors influencing the design of flexible pavements (papers no. 1-14). session ii - properties of materials (papers no. 15-30). session iii - design theory (papers no. 31-46). session iv - failure criteria (papers no. 47-60). session v - pavement performance (papers no. 61-76). session vi - current design and construction procedures (papers no. 77-91). session vii - strengthening existing pavements (papers no. 92-101). session viii - summary session. this report discusses the papers under the following headings, which are somewhat different from those of the conference sessions. (1) factors influencing design - vehicle loading, temperatures and soils. (2) properties of materials - soils, granular materials, dynamic properties. (3) comparison between theory and testing. (4) failure criteria. (5) current design and construction procedure. (6) strengthening existing pavements. (7) surface irregularity of roads. (8) non-destructive testing. details of titles names of authors, and reference and page numbers of the papers presented at the conference are appended, together with a subject index.

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