this report describes an investigation into the performance of a clark scheid dv 60 6.9mg double vibrating roller in the compaction of a heavy clay, a sandy clay, a well-graded sand, a gravel-sand-clay and a uniformly graded fine sand. the results show that, when using a speed of travel of 2.2km/h,3 passes of the machine were required to achieve a satisfactory state of compaction with 180mm-thick compacted layers of the cohesive and well-graded granular soils, and 2 passes were required with 300mm-thick compacted layers of the uniformly graded fine sand. the roller would, therefore, under these conditions, be capable of an output of compacted soil of about 140 cu.m/h with cohesive and well-graded granular materials, and about 340 cu.m/h with uniformly graded fine sand. tests with the well-graded sand indicated that variations in the speed of travel and thickness of compacted layer would give rise to variations in output of compacted soil in the range 100 to 200 cu.m/h. (a).

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