following the report of the ministry of transport and local authority committee on highway maintenance a programme of co-operative research between the transport and road research laboratory and the county surveyors' society was undertaken to study the organisation and administration of work in highway authorities' maintenance organisations. the impending reorganisation of local government gave added impetus to the research in order to produce guide-lines which might assist the new authorities in the setting-up of their highway maintenance organisations. this report describes the desirable principles of organisation which emerged from surveys of highway maintenance departments in nineteen local authorities. an attempt has been made to relate the functions of the maintenance organisation to the scope of the overall work-load of the highways department so that all available resources are more effectively employed. the principle of corporate management is used as a basis for proposals on organisational structure in which staffing should be determined by job-evaluation and the objective assessment of work-load. it is suggested that, for maximum efficiency, the structure should have short and direct lines of communication, and the report emphasises the use of modern methods of information transmission and control. although the suggested structure relates primarily to the circumstances envisaged in the new non-metropolitan county authorities, it is believed that the underlying principles of effective management have a wider application.(a)

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