this report describes site investigation procedures for obtaining a sound knowledge of the types and distribution of ground materials and geological structures. this knowledge is essential for routeing, designing and constructing a road. it also provides the groundwork for the complementary programme of in-situ and laboratory tests that will be required to make the more detailed design decisions, but which are beyond the scope of this report. the guidance offered complements the instructions of the department of the environment on site investigations for highways as contained in current technical memoranda. geological structures and processes that may have affected the distribution of materials on a site are outlined, and the report describes how the aims of each investigation should be formulated individually, taking account of the geological character of the site and of available information on it. it is emphasized that fieldwork needs to be managed with sufficient flexibility to allow these to be modified in the light of the information being obtained in the course of the investigation. the recording, analysis and presentation of ground information are also discussed. the report will help engineers who plan and direct site investigations, and also those who use site investigation reports and need to appreciate the relation between the observations presented and the inferences on ground structures and distribution of materials that are made from them. (a)

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