some of the effects of a total ban on deliveries and collections with goods vehicles over 3 tons unladen weight (ulw) in town centres (except at building sites) have been assessed, assuming that operators would use existing depots, maintain levels of service, and change to vehicles just under 3 tons ulw. data were obtained from 48 companies, which together operated 20 per cent of the vehicles in the affected categories that stopped in central swindon on a typical day in 1973, and a computer programme was developed to revise the operations of their fleets. the average gross weight of the affected vehicles would decrease from 12.3 tons to 6.6 tons with a 36 per cent increase in their urban vehicle-mileage. the cost of transporting the goods carried by the affected vehicles would increase by 3.2/ton on average (0.4 per cent of the average value of the goods). if passed-on to consumers in swindon, the increase would be 2500/day ( 6/year per person). the average number of vehicles in affected fleets would increase by 44 per cent, with increases of 63 per cent in their total vehicle-mileage and 24 per cent in the fuel consumed by them.(a)

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