the report describes a study carried out at tring, hertfordshire, to examine public attitudes to environmental disturbance caused by traffic. changes in those attitudes when a by-pass was constructed have also been measured. the study also gives data on traffic, noise and pollution levels and attempts to relate these to opinion measurements. after the by-pass opened, traffic in the centre of the town decreased by about 40 per cent and at the perimeter of the town by about 60 per cent. heavy goods vehicle traffic decreased by 90 per cent. non-stopping through traffic was virtually eliminated from the town. this decrease in traffic resulted in a reduction in noise levels of about 5 db(a) (18 hour l10). atmospheric pollution levels were extremely low and did not change substantially as a result of the by-pass. opinion measures showed fairly close links between attitudes and traffic flow. seventy-five per cent of respondents claimed to be bothered by traffic before the by-pass was opened but only 47 per cent afterwards.(a)

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