a computer assessment has been made of 24 hour peak period 'no entry' restrictions applied to vehicles over a range of gross weight limits in three different control areas in swindon. changes in goods vehicle movements, their environmental effects and the resulting changes in operating and congestion costs have been predicted. the results have been compared with those for 'no entry except for access' controls obtained previously. the main findings are: (1) 24 hour 'no entry' controls would be far less cost-effective than 'no entry except for access' controls, typically costing two or three times as much to obtain the same environmental gain. (2) the cost-effectivemess of 24 hour 'no entry' controls would not be improved by the provision of a simple type of transhipment centre on the town periphery. (3) peak period 'no entry' controls would not provide a cost-effective method of reducing traffic congestion during peak periods and would be ineffective in reducing goods vehicle nuisance. (a).

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