in order to supplement and compare the information obtained from surveys carried out in 1975, the laboratory in 1977 monitored the use of 'dales rail', a countryside transport and recreation experiment undertaken by the yorkshire dales national park committee. the experiment involved, for the third year in succession, the reopening during the summer months of stations on the settle-carlisle line for charter rail services, and connecting buses. questionnaire surveys were carried out amongst rail passengers and motorists during the august weekend when the charter service was running, to obtain people's opinions of the service. the survey showed that for most passengers, dales rail provided an opportunity of a trip to the dales which would not have been made had the charter service not been running, and for two-thirds of its passengers dales rail provided their only possible transport to the place they were visiting that day. the preferred mode of transport to the station was private car, although many motorists chose to leave their cars at home and travel to the station by bus. although dales rail does provide the possibility of a modal switch by motorists, it is unlikely to attract large numbers of them or significantly reduce traffic congestion.(a)

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