primary school children and teachers were asked for their reactions to a visit by a mobile road safety exhibition, the 'safemobile', to their schools. almost all the children remembered the visit and had enjoyed it. although levels of knowledge on points dealt with in the safemobile were in many cases high even with a control group, those who had been through the safemobile were generally more knowledgeable. in some schools follow-up work had been done by teachers, but there was no marked trend for this to increase levels of knowledge beyond that found in schools where this was not done. of the 260 teachers, 94 per cent said they felt the safemobile was useful for teaching road safety and 95 per cent said they would want their classes to see it if it came to their schools again next year. most teachers felt that the material on display and the instruction given was suitable: only about half felt that their children had learnt anything new, but some said it was a useful reminder. only 29 per cent of these teachers did preparatory work but 67 per cent did follow-up work. some suggestions are made about possible improvements in the design of the safemobile and ways for increasing linked teacher activities.(a)

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