the effects of the presence of an anti-dazzle screen on the central reserve of a 19 km length of the m6 midlands link have been assessed in terms of accident occurrence, attitudes of road users, transverse positioning of traffic on the carriageway, and headlamp and lane usage. the report details the results of the accident study, covering reported injury and non-injury accidents. it concludes that the accident rate (per veh km) in the dark on the screened length was 44 per cent lower than would have been expected had there been no screen present. however this result depends crucially on the reported number of non-injury accidents, and for injury accidents only there is no significant difference between screened and unscreened lengths. results of the studies of the other aspects which were reported earlier are summarised. it is concluded that the anti-dazzle screen was effective in reducing glare, was acceptable in appearance, had no adverse effect on traffic, and was marginally beneficial in terms of accident reduction.(a)

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