Paper presented at the Cologne Tyre Tec Conference, held March 2005
Often the most significant component of the noise generated by traffic at constant speed on urban and higher speed roads result from the interaction between vehicle tyres and the road surface. Due to the importance of this source of noise, a programme of research to further the understanding of tyre/road noise was carried out. One objective of this work was to encourage the development of tyres and load surfaces that generate lower levels of noise without sacrificing other desirable objectives such as safety, economy, and durability. A second objective was to aid the development of policy on appropriate test procedures for assessing tyre/road noise. Twenty-nine passenger car tyres, four van tyres and eleven truck tyres together with seven road surfaces were selected for the study. These surfaces included the ISO 10844 reference surface as well as those that might typically be found on high-speed roads. Over one hundred and seventy combinations of tyre and road surface were examined in the study. A number of important tyre parameters influencing tyre/road noise levels were examined including the ranking ordering of tyres with respect to noise emissions for different road surfaces and the effects of fitting super wide tyres. (A)

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