In-vehicle information systems, such as navigation systems, can provide drivers with relevant and up to date information that supports the driving task. However, the functionality of these systems can be extensive and inappropriate system use may interfere with the primary driving task, compromising safe vehicle control. It is therefore imperative that instructions provided in IVIS user manuals communicate critical information (how to use a system in the safest and most efficient way) effectively and in a way that can be easily understood, learnt and remembered. This is a Checklist for the assessment of in-vehicle information system (IVIS) User Manuals against established ergonomic custom and practice. The Checklist enables the assessment of the usability and effective provision of safety information of IVIS User Manuals. The primary function of the Checklist is to provide a structured aid to an expert for the assessment of usability and safety related information of the IVIS User Manual, in order to lead to a conclusion regarding the IVIS User Manual usability and effective provision of safety information regarding use of the IVIS.

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