The European Directive for the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise (2002/49/EC) or END demands the production of strategic noise maps and noise action plans for major roads, railways, airports and in agglomerations. The Directive referred to the lack of a harmonised and reliable method for noise prediction and as a consequence a new method was required which could be adopted across Member States. The project Harmonoise (Harmonised, Accurate and Reliable Methods for the European Directive On the Assessment and Management of Environmental NOISE) was designed to fulfil this need. The project output is a description of the noise prediction methods for road and railway noise sources that have been developed. It is expected that software suppliers will subsequently supply computer programs for mapping and action plans. This report focuses on the prediction of road traffic noise and TRL’s contribution to the project is highlighted where the work has been largely planned and directed by TRL staff. In other cases TRL have contributed but the work has been largely directed by non-TRL staff. The final report based on work by all the partners and project deliverables are available on the Harmonoise web site:

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